On Hand Inventory Conversion


Does anyone have any suggestions for converting on hand inventory that requires a lot record that may be on hold?

I have tried EDI 852, but it will not convert held lots, z-file will not handle lots that require supplier lot numbers, and I would prefer not entering 17k lines into a adjustment. Any ideas?
Have you thought about using inventory interoperability Menu G41313 either p4141Z1 Inbound Cycle count. two entry per line - one reducing qty on hand and one entering the qty by lot number. You we need to do it in several runs, I pretty sure it will not work with 34,000 record in one go. You can import the data via excel.

Or P47120 Inbound product Activity, similar approach.
If this is a takeup, we just used the inventory adjustment program 999 lines at a time including the lot number, as there is usually a limit set on the number of lines that can be imported to the grid. For lot master use SQL to update the supplier lot field and the lot status in bulk. You will need to test a small number of transactions to ensure this all works OK.