E9.2 Notification type Orchestration has Null error using Orchestration outputs in Form Interconnect


We have created a Notification of type Orchestration to be Run As Subscriber. The associated Orchestration runs a Data Request with the User's Address Book Number as an input. The Orchestration returns just the first grid row (Return All Grid Rows is not enabled).

The Notification Actions has one Application Link. If we run a test with subscribers they all get a notification message linking to the selected application. If we map the Application Link's Form Interconnected Values to Orchestration Outputs and run the test, we get an error about Null. If we instead setup a notification input and use ${variables} in the interconnect, they flow through.

We like the ability to schedule and visible feedback when you have notifications, the bubble count overlay, the subscription groups and notification management system, and that the Orchestration, unlike a form's Filter, has the option to use the user's address book number to use as an input.

I wondered if the issue was that some users might not have any records found and that is causing the null error. I was hoping that a notification just wouldn't be sent in that case. If there is a way to handle the empty record set with a Rule I haven't figured it out.

Are we going about this the right way?

Is the null error a bug or user error?