Non Standard Path Code names

Has anyone been so brave as to use Path code Names other than those
dictated by JDE (DV7333, PY7333, and PD7333). Also has anyone tried adding
additional path codes.
What problems have you encountered trying this. I ask because my
boss wants to create several (as in 30 or so) new path codes to handle
several different companies utilizing the same deployment server.
I am curious about things like:
Package building

I have herd rumors that the upgrade process sometimes has the path
code hard coded within it and no mater what you do it will use the
predefined PY7333 etc path codes.

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David Robertson

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I have never had much problem with using non-standard named pathcodes in any version of OW.

Not positive about Xe and package building/ESU's.

Should not be a problem though, as JDE uses a great many pathcodes internally, so it should be pretty straight.

30 pathcodes !?!?! Good luck. Posiible, but an administrative nightmare.


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Do you (I mean your Boss) really want 30+ PATH CODES? Or do you really mean 30 Environments that share the same Path Code?

If you/he really mean PATH codes thats a lot of disk and admin time.
Consider that on the Enterprise Server 1 Path Code consumes approx. 3GB of space plus another 3.5GB for each full package.
On the Deployment Server .5GB + 2.5GB for each full package
(results may vary; contents may settle during shipping :)

So, assuming only 1 package per Path Code and 30 Path Codes ...
Enterprise Server: 195GB
Deployment Server: 90GB

Now have your Boss start thinking about full package build times that run anywhere from 4 - 20 hours each depending on configuration, environment, expertise ...

It only gets worse when you get into ESUs and ASUs and Upgrades ...


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Unfortunately yes I do mean Path Codes and not Environments. The situation is there are several companies (subsidaries) to go into one world form world and unfortunately each company was in a seperate world environment with infididual data dictionaries (and yes the qty fields are not all the same number of display decimals). That of course is the problem "Data Dictionary". Each company is different and the only way I can currently think of resolving the issue is with seperate path codes.

Any other ideas?

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Hi Bill,

It culd be a pretty nice situation.
What does it mean "infididual data dictionaries"?
How do you want to handle the different Data Dictionaries?
I am afraid you can not work on the same databases with different Data Dictionaries. Do you want it at all?

What is common amoung your companies, what kind of integration level do you want (wish?) at all?

Please, let us know more about it making your situation much more cleaner for us.

P.S.: I really do not envy you.

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I think you should really research your alternatives here.

As Zoltan stated Multiple Data Dictionaries though possible have not been supported by JDE in the past. Anyone know about JDEs stance here under XE?

Larry Jones
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HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
Mfg, Distribution, Financials