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Recently, we have been experiencing intermittent problems with the
security server becoming non-responsive. When I go into SAW, I can see that
the average process time for a number of the security kernels are really
high (30 seconds), this causes the users to get a timeout and the 'failed to
locate security server' error. Since we are in the middle of quarter close,
I cannot bounce the services without major disruption, nor can I turn on the
logging due to the performance hit, so my tools are pretty limited at the
time. For the moment, what I have been doing is just issuing a kill command
to those process id's that become non- responsive, and then JDE starts
another after it has detected that it died (was killed). Once the new
process starts up, users are ok to log in again...
There hasn't been any changes to the server, so the only thing I can
really think of is that there are jobs that are running and a bending or
something, although I haven't seen any consistency things of the system when
gets into trouble. Has anyone else had a problem similar to ours?


NT, XP/SP14.2, SQL7/SP3, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

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