tips on securing IBM i IFS folders in E1


We are in the process of migrating from World A94 to E1 9.2 and one of issues I haven't been able to find information on is securing folders in the IFS. In World, I was able to use authorization list to secure the folders. But since in E1 the users don't have IBM user profiles we have to change our strategy.

The process that needing the security has to do with some interfaces we have. The users will copy the import files to the ifs folder for the interface. Some of these files contain sensitive data that needs to be secured.

Anyone got suggestions? Or need additional information?

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Hi Richy,

But since in E1 the users don't have IBM user profiles we have to change our strategy.

I have seen clients create iSeries user ids for all E1 users, and also clients who created iSeries user ids for a few users. If you are open to this, you can still use authorization lists.

If you are interested in a seamless solution (where you don't have to open up your IFS), take a look at LynX File Exchanger:


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Securing tables in the IFS.

The tough part of securing files in the IFS is that the *PUBLIC security is all that is inherited/assigned to new objects. I wrote a CL and RPG program and command to complete the task. Then the E1 developer added the command in whatever function saves the table to the IFS. I can upload the objects/code if you would like to try this.


Thanks Hari, we are trying to do this without adding the users, but it may be our best option.

I did take a quick look at your products, thanks for the link.