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Hi Everyone,

Citrix question.....When we print a report that is over 40(ish) pages we get
the following error:

The document could not be printed, a drawing error occured...

I'm assuming it's a problem with the citrix box, any ideas??

Many thanks,

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First - it really isn't a good idea to assume anything when you are running
One World. :)

Have you tried printing the report from a fat client?
Have you tried printing the report from another Citrix server?
Are you printing to a server that is hanging off your Unix box or are you
using an NT box as the main print server?
Are you using the One World printing function or are you trying to print out
of Adobe?

If you have definitely narrowed it down to a Citrix issue you might want to
verify that you still have some free space on your C: drive.

Maybe once you answer these questions someone can give you a better tip.

Good luck.

Mark Siebenschuh
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Drawing error occurs due to an out of memory condition. Check amount of ram,
swap space, and free disk space on citrix box. Then reboot it.