New Enterprise Server and package build failed

Luca Agosti

Luca Agosti

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Hi list,
I recently added a new third enterprise server with "Add-on Servers Plan" and "Installation Workbench" JDE procedure.
All was fine, until I tried to build a full package.

This is an extract of Deployment server jde.log:

3188/3836 Thu Mar 27 16:15:46 2008 spkgclnt.c309
PKG0001009 - JDENET_ReceiveMsg failed to receive from R00MBF003
JDENET Error: Timeout.

3188/3836 Thu Mar 27 16:15:46 2008 spkgclnt.c2008
PKG0005300 - Freeing structures on R00MBF003 failed!
Unable to create a network message. JDENET error: Invalid message handle.

3188/3836 Thu Mar 27 16:15:46 2008 spkginit.c897
PKG0002305 - Unable to load detail structures for package PY7333FES

3188/3836 Thu Mar 27 16:15:46 2008 spkgeng.c200
PKG0000022 - Package Build Failed for PY7333FES: Unable to create package header structure.

3188/3836 Thu Mar 27 16:15:48 2008 jdb_ctl.c6195
JDB9900155 - Failed to get non - zero AB Number.

and this is New enterprise server jde.log:

5064/5068 Thu Mar 27 16:05:45 2008 JDEKDISP.C552
Invalid Message Type- request received from incompatible client


Can you help me what is wrong?
Deployment and new Enterprise servers can ping each other and I can connect to respective shares.
Thanks a lot.

OW XE SP23_Q1, Deployment and Enterprise servers Win2003 Server R2 SP2, DB Oracle
Does porttest work?
Can you submit a UBE to it?
Can you view submitted jobs?
Yes, porttest works.
I can submit UBE to this server and I can view submitted jobs.
ciao Luca,
check if your Installation Workbench has generated Server map for new enterprise server. Connect to a client launch OCM select server map for your enterprise e press find.
If you don't find nothing you have to generate it from machine identification application.

Ciao Gigi,
Installation Workbench has generated correctly Server map for new enterprise server, and if I try to query new enterprise server map from OCM I can find all fields that I need.
Porttest is ok, and I can run UBE and see submitted jobs on this server.
Server Map Creation Failed

Hi All,

I am installing JDE 9.0 ,while running installation workbench through deployment server i am getting error "Server Map creation Failed"

Does any body faced this issue before?

Please help me out to resolve this issue.