E9.2 New AP payment process requirement


Hi All,

One of our client would be having a new AP payment process. Accordingly there would not be any check printing in the JDE system nor would there be any supplier bank details maintained for ACH payments.
There would be few vendors who would be paid by check and few who would be paid electronically.
However, we would need to send a file (XML) which will have the payment details for both vendors who had to be paid through checks and who would be paid electronically.
The bank would then pay those vendors accordingly through check/electronically.
The bank would then send the payment acknowledgement file (mostly XML) which we would like to use for automatic reconciliation in JDE.
I would like to know if somebody had worked on such process. Can we create such XML file to provide the required data and also could we process the incoming bank file to have automatic reconciliation in JDE.
Can somebody please provide their thoughts on how we could approach this requirement?


Does anybody have any inputs on how we can approach this requirement?