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Hi Eric, Christian, Larry and Forum Administrators,

What are your opinion, isn't it the time to propagate NETIQUETTE again on the Forums/Lists?

I have a feeling, that many of the newbies does not read the NETIQUETTE sticky post on the top of each Forums.

Since I listen the Developer's Forum again after a long time, I noticed, that time to time there are more and more post:

- without configuration
- without a name (just meaningless nick names)
- posts, which are posted again exactly with the same content, changing only the subject a bit
- etc.

I didn't want to post this onto the Developer's forum

I watched only the Developer's Forum (and of course this board and Downloads and Tips & Traps ;-)

Maybe on the other boards the situation is different.


Hi JDEList & Forums,

I apologize to all of you for that I addressed this issue only to Eric, Christian, Larry and Forum Administrators.

Of course, I am courious to everybody's opinion.





Every new user receives an email and a private message that contains the "netiquette" and the "How to post the smart way" link. Are you suggesting that we post the netiquette message again? I'm not sure what else can be done.


Hi Zoltán ,

short of draconian measures such as Forum moderators removing such posts all I do is refuse to respond to them. I admit that in moments of weakness I have responded to some posts where the poster failed to provide basic information (shame on me
but more and more I use silence as my method of protest against others provincial thinking or plain rudeness.

Best Regards,