Multiple hold codes per Location



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Hi guys,

We have a request here for a medical customer to be able to place more than hold code on a location.

Reading this link below 3.3 says we can have more than hold code per LOT by simply adding a hold code to all the LOCNs the LOT resides in.
Well that's fine. But how do you place more than one hold code onto a LOCN itself?
i.e serial no hold AND damaged for example

The reason we want this is if we release one hold code on a certain LOCN, there maybe another hold code that we need to apply to the same LOCN.

The reason we need multiple codes codes is because a LOCN maybe on hold for 3 reasons. You clear 1, the other 2 still apply.
E1 doesn't seem to have a way of managing the 'next' hold codes

Hope that makes sense?


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It makes sense and is a common requirement in pharma industry. There's no way to do this in JDE using lot hold codes, you would need to look at the Quality management module instead if you need a lot release with multiple steps.. Sorry
Great, thanks

Would you happen to have any doc links to said module and how this may work?

Thanks again