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Multiple discount (prce overide) with different GL posting


Dear expertise
I have requirement that price discount for an item with different level from base price. I already maintained Price adjustment with item group, it is working fine with one price adjustment. Eg. If my selling price is 100 riyal and price adjustment is 30%, Net selling price is 70. This scenario is working fine with out any issue.
But I have following new requirement that : selling price is 100 then 30% trade discount, then 10% Line discount and 7% End discount (Net price is 58.59). with expecting following JE after sales update program

Gross sales : 11111 = 100-
Trade discount 11112 = 30

Line Discount 11113 = 7 (100-30 =70 *10/100)
End Discount 11114 = 4.14 (70-7=63*7/100)

COGS 50000 = 50
Inventory 250000= 50-
A/R = 58.59

Please let me know by step by step to achieve above result.