MRP - Driving Lower level requirements via OT (8.11)


We have recently implemented E1 at a new site (from QAD) and Branch Plant MRP and have a relationship set between a Sales Order Branch and a manufacturing branch. MRP drives OT messages on the manufacturing branch as it should, however, the users do not want to actually action the messages and use the ST/OT process, but just use as a guideline to perform inventory transfer (boggle). They are expecting to be able to peg the demand and see lower level requirements, but since its OT demand they can’t. Is there anyway to be able to see lower level requirements for OT demand without actually using ST/OT process? Any tips would be appreciated, I have zero experience in using Branch Plant MRP without actually using the ST/OTs.


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If the planning parameters (planning code, planning fence rule, order policy etc) , branch plant relationships and MRP processing options
are correctly setup, then MRP will plan lower level components. Also do not forget to run BoM structure analysis if on-line bom validation is off.

Hope this helps