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Hi we didn't succeed to get it work on server.
We are on JDE 9.2 Tools and on AS400 V7R3.
This is only working Under fat client.

My last update from Oracle....unacceptable for me:
I am sorry if I did not managed to explain things properly. I was saying to keep running it on the fat client because it doesn't really matter where you are running it, Deployment, fat client, development client or Enterprise, as long as it is doing its job, bringing the files into the database. This is a one time process. Please check the doc I gave you (
Doc ID 2212744.2
), tab R98MODAT Prerequisites, for details on where you can run R98MODAT.
The Fat Client is Windows and thus it fits well with your Windows Deployment and your existing setting of using Windows Sharing for Media Object queues. For AS400 you need to use FTP, not Windows Sharing. This is highlighted in the same document and same tab: "you must make sure you have access to that directory from the Enterprise server. For example, if you are using NT share to access the media object directory on the Deployment Server from your Windows JAS server, but the Enterprise Server is on Linux, NT Share will not work for Linux to Windows. Therefore, you will need to setup either FTP or SFTP and make sure the jas.ini, that you copied into …system/classes on your Enterprise Server, has the correct connection information. Similarly, the jdbj.ini, tnsnames.ora (only for Oracle database), and jdbc drivers are used to connect to database server.". Thus if you need to use your Enterprise for running R98MODAT, you must switch to using FTP.

Hope the above clarifies the issue
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Is there any interest in a reverse conversion, i.e.: from DB back to File System? I expect a few sites have been caught in this, when it was mandatory...