Media Object attachment issue


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Hi All,

I've encountered an odd issue and I'm not quite sure where to start.We have about 150 users on CSMS and many of them constantly upload documents in P90CG501 (04?) and revisit them. However, I now have two of those 150 users where some of their media objects are not being transmitted and we are encountering a silent fail type of condition.

Steps to recreate:

1) User attaches scanned PDF file to open case via "File Upload".
2) F00165 correctly records the PDF file name and puts location in media objects.
3) The upload silently fails. The user's screen indicates that there is a PDF and they close the case.
4) When the user tries to retrieve the file they recieve "Media Object Fetch Image Failed" message.
5) Web log scanning based on the user name shows no entries.

I asked the users to send me a copy of the scanned file. The file was 1 MB and in colour. Server manage is set to 50 mb uploads. I asked them to switch to scanning in black and white. File sized reduced 85%. I'm wondering if its bombing during file copy.

Technology:- Not 100% sure, our back end guy is away but I believe

Websphere 8.5, Windows Server 2008R2, Version 9.1, Tools

If anyone has seen this before I would appreciate any direction. I'm going to try Oracle too.
Hello Morglum,

Can you please define what method of "File Upload" the user(s) are using?
There are a number of ways to attach a media object file - and some caveats are associated with a couple methods.

When I've seen this in the past the user was using a "unpreferred" method of attaching files (links to his local desktop, etc).
Sure, they were using Non Ole-- choose a local file.

The file was not linked to the desktop.