Max size for SQL command in JDE


Hi All,
I should make data selection in UBE using Set User Selection function.
The data selection is based on records in custom table and the Set User Selection function will be called for every record in that table - so theoretically the final SQL command can be very long.
I can not find out, if there is some size limit for SQL commands generated by JDE system functions.
Any ideas ?
Thanks, Jiri.
Well, I am not sure there is a known limit to the number of Set User Selections one can use. Based on the nature of your question, I would say you should try another approach. Just asking about the limit of that system function means you are going in a direction that begs for a different solution. If you are talking about creating a giant WHERE clause with a whole bunch of 'OR' conditions, you are asking for performance degradation.

Give us a more detailed explanation of exactly what you're trying to accomplish.
How many records will be in the custom table?
Is there any way to create a join BSVW between your main table and the custom table? This jumps out as the most obvious alternate solution.

If we were to understand your requirement better, we can hopefully provide a more suitable road than one you're thinking about taking.