Manage IT Fixed asset


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How to manage IT fixed asset in JDE, like laptop, monitor, mobile device ..., IT assign these fixed assets to employee, user can view which FA belong to him/her.

Does anybody have some experience in JDE? or any customized program. thanks.


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F1201 AN8 and the GL accounting setup around it all would control that. LANO maybe used too

Page 4- 7-10

Specify the number that identifies an entry in the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Address
Book system. Enter the address book number of the employee assigned to the asset or
the employee responsible for the asset.
You can change the soft coding description on this field to another valid address book
entry type. For example, to track where assets are purchased, you can change the field
name to Supplier and enter supplier address book numbers for individual assets.
If you use the Equipment Plant Management system with the JD Edwards
EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets system, you can change the status of an asset on the Asset
Master Revisions form. If you change the status of an asset, you must indicate the date
and time when the status of the asset changed, and whether you want the system to
update all of the children of the asset to the same status. This field is shared between
the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Fixed Assets system and the Equipment Plant
Management system.
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