Job to Purge Work Submitted Jobs display


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I know there is a job to purge jobs more than X days old. But for the life
of me, I can no longer find it. does anyone know the Report name?


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some time back I found an old object that was supposed to do this but it apparently had been written for an earlier release of OW and never updated (sorry can't remember the name anymore).

I ended up writing a new one that deletes entries in F986110 that are older than a given number of days - it was pretty easy to write - just read and delete rows from F986110.


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Active Member sure to look at the data selection for R9861102 which the
first one calls. There is some garbage in the versions for the R9861102
which will prevent it from finding jobs (you will get no data selected).
Once the data selection is fixed it runs fine (locally only).


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Re: RE: Job to Purge Work Submitted Jobs display

Thanks for the info - most helpful....
This job will only run OK on Local then? - Because this would confirm what I am doing! - When run on the server it doesn't work....
Cheers, Mike