jdeXMLRequest - couple of quick questions



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1. Is this the correct function prototype definition for a unicode based TR (since Oracle for whatever reason no longer ships xmlinterop.h)?

JDERTN(char *) JDEWINAPI jdeXMLRequest(const wchar_t *szHostName, unsigned short usPort, const int nNetTimeout, void *xml, int size);
JDERTN(void) JDEWINAPI jdeFreeXMLResponse(char *szResp);

2. What should I be passing for the size param? I just noticed I am passing zero, yet things still seem to work???
Brian, Yep that's the right prototype. The size should be the size (in bytes) of the Unicode XML string. I thought that failed if it was 0, but I guess not.

Also, I just noticed that I am passing a single byte string for *xml. Are you passing a double byte string?
Yes, I always sent Unicode and the size with null terminator. I guess they figure it out which is why it's a void*. The hostname does need to be Unicode.