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Hi all ,

I have an custom application getting failed on the server and working good locally .

As per my observation from server logs. One BSFN function at level 3 before calling another BSFN (Level 4) system getting terminated saying “ jdeGetCallStack (succeeded): PID=30692 “

Attached logs taken from the Server and local machine. Please Guide.


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Did you include in the update package the Data Structure object of all Business function?
i had a similar issue and i solved the issue including these objects.
please, let me to know your comments,
Hi Jgvargas,

We have applied full package and deleted DDDict, DDTEXT, and GLBLTBL spec on the server but no luck. Please let me any alternative solution. Thanks,
You may have to debug on the server. I have had several cases where there was bad C code (buffer overrun) that was present on the local client but didn't cause any problems but manifested itself on the server. Doing a debug on the server allowed us to track it down.

Also, did you check the logs after the build to make sure that there were no compile errors or warnings?
It looks like Specs corrupt in the Server. Please check Failing BF has server only option.

Suggestion is Copy the application as new object and build all the BF and run.

Yes Brian, I have debugged the Business function on the server (Linux Platform) using DDD debugger ..there is an buffer overflow in the program but it's working good in the local FAT client and failed on the server.

After correcting the buffer overflow variables .BSFN is working good in server.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Good job, glad you were able to track it down. Those kinds of bugs can be very frustrating and hard to find.