E9.2 JDE Orchestrator Integration with Dell Boomi


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I would like to know if anyone worked with JDE Orchestrator and Dell Boomi integration (inbound and real time outbound). What would be best approach? Like exposed webservice from JDE (security involve for AIS server) side etc.

Example: Send out real time item changes in JDE to third party ( using Orchestrator)

We are on 92 with



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Once you have an Orchestrator created it automatically creates a REST API with that Orchestration name. Your Boomi atom should be able to invoke this REST API call.

The other option could be if you Boomi has any published Open API .. you could create a connection / connector in ORCH based on that API. Threafter whenever there is an item change you invoke a NER in JDE which in turn calls B98ORCH and the subsequent Orchestrator. This orchestrator will have the connector you created above and may be some required custom groovy to pass the JSON to Boomi.

Just some thought !