JDE.ini and Citrix


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After deploying a package to our Citrix Servers we are seeing that the JDE.ini file for each user is overwritten. Our Citrix users are also are losing their grid setup after a deploy.Has anyone come across this and found a reason and/or solution?


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Angie, you must change the settings in the jde.ini on the deployment server.
Forgot what the exact directory structure is, but if I recall there is one
for each platform. That is the one that gets copied to your terminal
servers (and fat clients).

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Ray Justus

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If the JDE.INI file in the WTSRV folder has a later modified date than the one in the user's profile folder, the user's copy will be replaced. The JDE.INI file in the WTSRV folder gets written to during the update and install processes.

Workaround: Copy the JDE.INI file in the WTSRV folder to a temporary location before installing a full or partial package. Copy it back when you are done.


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