Items with long Descriptions



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For example, total length of one item's description is 125 characters.

To store this description, I use description 1, description 2, Search Text in item master. Even though I will have only 90 characters available to store.
The user want to print all these description in Purchase Order print (R43500), because each word in the description contains specifications.

1. Where should I store the rest of description ?
2. If we find a place to store, how can I print it in PO print ?
But where are the 125 length text being stored anyway? DSC1 & DSC2?

Do they manually input this text or does it come from somewhere else?

From what I remember, PO Print uses several Media Object text info on the PDF.

Example, one comes from the Print Message INMG field

Detail Line Print Message for example
(F4311_Detail_Line_Print_Messag_ID64) < for me anyway

Comes from here

SECTION: Purchase Order Print [COLUMNAR SECTION] (S42)
Media Objects(GT4016A, <Get Text>, RV F4311 Detail Line Print Message, BC Print Message (F4311)(INMG), VA evt_GTS_LanguagePreference_LNG)

This references UDC 40 PM though and may not be what you want, but the principle of MO is the way to go unless you create a custom Tag file over F4311 to store the 125 text?

There are several other Media Object text linked to both header and line. check the code of R43500 to see

Hope that helps?
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We store any item description beyond Desc 1 and Desc 2 in Item Notes, which show up on the PO Print and in many other documents we have (some of which we had to customize/configure to include the Item Notes).
Hi John,
Hi Don,

I have checked the Print Message INMG, 'Item Notes (as Media Object Attachment)'.

The best match is Item Notes, but it doesn't come in R43500. The attachment done on item level in P4310 comes in the print out.
The user need to upload the specification while adding item using P4101 (or in batch upload using inter operability applications), he/she might refuse to enter while using P4310
Hi Rauf,

You have two options either to use item notes or item feature description for extended item description. Please evaluate Item feature description as well.

R43500 needs to be customized to include item extended description either from item notes or feature description.

hope It helps.