Item xref by Ship-To



is there anyone who knows how i can configure item x-ref by Ship-to?
I know that it's not possible by default, but any tweak that i can manage?

I want customer EAN code to be converted to JDE item code based on ship-to instead of sold-to while P47011 runs.
I've considered Item Restriction, but as far as I tried, it only restricts the order creation, but it doesn't convert it to the alternative one.

Any thoughts?


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We did something similar in R47002C prior to R47011 run. We have sold tos that are "buying groups" of independent chains. So, for each group, we use address number 1 as a "store chain" to tie the related ship tos together. In the EDI processes, I have code that says for these sold tos, switch to the store chain for entering/updating/retrieving item cross reference. It works great for us and isn't major custom code. The only issue is if you have to continue to add new sold tos to the If statements frequently.

Let me know if you have questions.