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Need advise on the following business scenario as to what approach to be taken.

We have a client who decided to restrict purchase of certain items to all of its branches. Current capability allow us to enter Item restrictions at the parent level in One World, but these item restrictions do no populate to the C (customer) records and have to be entered manually. One World Sales application only looks at item restrictions in sales order entry at the C record.

The item restrictions function is preventing our salesman mistakenly selling an item to our customer when item was tagged with safety concerns or other reasons from our customer’s notice or memo. For those customers have Parent/Child relationship setup in Address Book, we cannot just setup the item restrictions on Parent (PAR record) and expecting this setting will apply to all children (C records). The System Solutions Manager suggests creating the item restrictions on PAR record as a template then copies all settings to all C records respectively.

Can this be done through a functional setup? Or do I have to take a technical approach..> Pls suggest


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Hi Sheen

Will changing the stocking type in item master to O - Obsolete help you? This will prevent the item from being purchased and sold, but for all customers and suppliers.

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If I understand your requirement correctly it looks like you want to restrict certain items from being sold to a particlar customer. I suggest you use Next Status advanced preference. Create an Item group of the restricted items and add a preference for next status for customer/item group combination. In the Next status value give a status which is not in the order activity rule. So when you place an order for any item in this group with the customer the next status goes to invalid status and the SO will error out.



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Have you looked at using Mandatory Adjustments in Advanced Pricing to control Item Restrictions. There is a good document from JDETips on this.


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+1 for this.. In E9, you can apply manadatory price adjustments even on override prices as long as you set the adjustment up as a dummy accrual
This makes item restrictions really easy to set up and maintain

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Hi Devo,
where do I get the JDEtips you mentioned? We've got a similar issue and as I'm pretty new to JDE ...


The only issue which I see is if we use the mandatory adjustment then this must be an inclusive list (all allowable items/ customer combinations) must be setup in the adjustment details whereas using the next status preference it is an exclusive list (only those item/ customer combination which are to be retsricted) needs to be on this list.