Item Ledger/ Account Ledger Discrepancies - R41543


Hi Sharpies,

I have an issue with multiple stock variance lines in G/L not being written to the Item Ledger (F4111

Outcome of Integrity Report R41543 is that some amounts in Item Ledger (F4111) do not balance to those in the Account Ledger (F0911).

Comparing the doc types and numbers between these two files (F4111 vs F0911) shows that if there are multiple lines in the Stock Variance entered during the Voucher Match Process for the same item, only one line is written to F4111.
Eg: Stock 123 with cost of $100. During voucher match, cost is updated twice creating two separate variance lines, say one line with 1.48- and the next line with 6.72-. When you view F4111, only line with value 6.72- is displayed.
Anyone know why the other line is not being written to F4111? This causes the variance between F0911 and F4111.
Thank you in advance,