item help not available


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Hii All,
Item help is not available in custom applications...any inputs will be appreciated

Im using demo 9

I didn't use 9.
But if you write something in Item Glossary of a Data Item, it will come in the Item Help.
im using standard DD items in custom apps but the item help feature is not working...any inputs?
I need help in resolving a support issue. I have an order with last status 580 and next status 620 which should print invoice, the order was having problem advancing so I found out that the BU account GL was not posting because it was wrong so I then put in the right GL account after getting it from the AAI and I then save the order but I mistakenly went an run a batch job for the order forgetting I had trouble shoot the order and now the order status moved to last status 620 and next status 999.

My concern is will this order still generate invoice print? or do I have to revise the order status and if I have to how do I revise to last status 580 and next status 620?
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