E9.2 Is it possible to use ECO P48020 to import an new BOM

We currently use ECO to do Mass Update to Multi Level BOM's.
I am looking for a solution that will allow the creation/import of multi level BOM into a new Branch. We have just opened a second manufacturing facility. Manually copying over 100 BOM's from the existing BOM Branch to the new is not feasible due to time constraints. I am looking for a solution that will allow the creation/import of multi level BOM into a new Branch.
If not possible with JDE Enterprise 9.2, does anyone know of a 3rd party product that will do the job?


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Have you looked at the R3002Z1I Process Inbound BOM Z-File process? You can import you data into the P3002Z1, then process them using the R3002Z1I to create the BOM's in JDE.


In addition to the Z-table upload process there is also a "Mass" Copy program you can use to copy the BOMs from 1 Branch to another:
From Product Data Management (G30),
From Advanced Product Data Management (G3031), choose Copy BOM by Branch/Plant

Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant (Release 9.2 Update)
You can easily copy a bill of material, including supporting Item/Branch records, from one branch/plant to another branch/plant using the Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant program (R3002CPY). Each level of a multilevel bill of material to be copied must be specified and bills of material are copied one level at a time based on data selection.

The Copy Bill of Material by Branch/Plant program (R3002CPY) prints a report that displays the records that will be created when a bill of material is copied. The program also displays errors if setup issues exist for the To Branch/Plant or From Branch/Plant fields. You can use a processing option to specify whether to run the program in proof mode or final mode. In proof mode, the Item Branch File table (F4102) is not updated and the report is printed. In final mode, the report scans the Item Branch File table (F4102) and adds item records to the table if the item records do not already exist and prints the report. The report lists the bills of material and items created during the process.

Before using any method I recommend you set the following to yes (add check marks) in the Manufacturing Constants table (P3009) for the new Branch Plant:
  • Whether the system validates bills of material online as you enter them.
  • Whether an audit trail tracks all changes made to bills of material.
  • Whether the system uses the master routing for an item or the routing instructions that are defined for the parent item.
I would add that you will also have to establish the Business Units (F0006), Work Centers (F30006) and W/C Rates if you also need to add MFG Routings (F3003) which can also be uploaded using the Z-table process. Even better, you can create Master Routings that can be linked to MFG Items via the Cross Reference program (P4104) and not have to create individual Routings for each Item.