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Interoperability: Inbound Cost/R4105Z1I


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My user enters data, using ADD, on the P4105Z1 screen.

They then go to the R4105Z1I UBE which 'should' load the Z-table (F4105Z1)
into F4105. Instead they get a report that says no data selected....

But-wait... we did change the processing option to something other than null
or blank... when we run the UBE in DEBUG, and review the value of the
processing option... behold... it is blank?

Ideas? I haven't called JDE yet, ... the KG addresses that it is an issue,
but doesn't clearly state how it is fixed...

Thanks in advance.

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We've had this same problem with some UBE's (e.g. R47121) - there seems to
be a disconnect between the processing options and the UBE (we've reported
this to JDE). Our solution is to get print screens of all the processing
options, then create a new version (not a copy) and enter all of the
processing options. The new version runs fine for us.

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