E9.2 interactive application Grid edit problem


i have a problem after editing the grid in an interactive application ( for example i have associated a description to a column or added a new column to the grid), when i try to execute the application in the thin client, the application is not displayed, it redirects me to the home screen.
Does any one have any idea how to solve this problem please.

i am working on JDE 9.2

here are somethings which can be tried -

- is the form selected as entry point?
- was this form working earlier before your change? if yes then try generating HTML for the application and see
- try by clearing cache of you browser or try in private mode and see

let me know how it goes.


Assuming your grid edits were made on a fat client using OMW, also make sure the application was checked in, then built and deployed to your enterprise server(s) in an OMW project. And that your web client is logged into the environment it was deployed to.