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Inserting a BLOB in a Table



I am trying to create a table that is similar to processing option table (F00165) or F983051. I am particularly interested in inserting the kind of field that appear in the right hand side pane of UTB when I open any of above 2 tables. This actually isnt a business requirement, However I want to know how the 'creators' of JDE designed such table, when TDA only gives option to include DD items.

Well, thats the beginning, after I have my such table ready, as per earlier posts, I shall not be able to 'read' data directly in my report/application. Therefore, are system functions the only way to read this data? or there is some other encoding/decoding available ?

The relation of one line of data in Left side is with multiple lines in right side. eg - Versions table.

Thanks !



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The data dictionary alias for the blob field on the F00165 is TXFT and can be put into a custom table (in E8.11sp1 TR8.97.2.1). I haven't gone the trouble of generating a custom table with a BLOB in it, but I don't know of any reason why it wouldn't generate.

As far as I/O to the BLOB goes, that would require a custom C business function or possibly a database procedure (I seem to recall Larry Jones posting a database procedure for accessing a BLOB column years ago)


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I am not entirely sure what you are asking but:

1. It is possible to create a custom table in TDA with a BLOB field. You just have to pick an existing DD item or create a DD item that is a BLOB data type (data type 18).

2. To read/write to the field in the table will require a C BSFN.


Thanks Peter & Boster,

I was able to insert BLOB in my Custom Table. I also came to know the restriction that only Data Items that are Glossary Groups D and S can be used as attributes of a table.

Thanks Again !


Can Somebody please share the code to read and write data into BLOB field in a custom table. The BLOB field is also custom.

Thanks in Advance!!!!


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See attached BSFN. Look at function AcmeMsdsAddUpdatePDF. It reads a .pdf file from disk and stores in a series of records in a JDE table. It also archives the old PDF.