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I have a question on index generation. I am trying to a generate an index on
a custom table which was already indexed and package built on the table.
When I try to add a new index and re generate the index I get an error Index
generation failed.

One World B7332 on SQL server.




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You might have to do a full backup of the database before the index

Chi Lee
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Hi Sailaja,

First of all, You Are Welcome on the JDEList Forums/Lists!

Have you generated the table in the default (Business Data) data source?
If not, have you create the appropriate OCM entry and activate it?
Were you in the same environment where you generated the table and for wich do you have the OCM entry (if it isn't in the default)?

If you checked all of the above and they are OK, then could be useful to send a log and a debug-log part for us to go ahead.

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Have you deployed the Table/Index Spec to the Enterprise Server?

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