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Include all BSSV source/artifacts in dev client package


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When ever we do BSSV development we have to checkout or get all the BSSV source for each BSSV object we wish to work with along with their dependencies. Its not that big of a deal but it would be nice if when we take a client package (full or update) that it included BSSV source (basically everything under \E900\DV900\java) - the same as it does for BSFNs. Is there a package option or setup that I can point my CNC group to so that we get all BSSV source when taking a client package on a development client? Or is there a process I can run that will pull all the BSSV source from the deployment server to the dev client?

Chan Rana

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One way of doing it is (since i didnt had much liberty at client site) to have a Dev proj and stuff all J & JP objects in them using system code like J43*. I then keep doing get on that project when i am moved to new machine.

Not a best solution but saves me much time as you said to keep adding dependencies.

I havent look into the package option yet. Will give it a try and let you know.



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Thanks. Might find a way to "script" that - a UBE that does a get for all BSSV objects or something. I could also do this outside of JDE. On our release I can easily get to the .jar files on the deployment server and unzip all of them. I would just need to know the base package for each BSSV object in order to build the correct directory structure in \java. Just don't want to re-invent the wheel.


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I think when you change one CNC have no choice but to reconstruct the whole JAR file from all the BSSVs.

A geek who used to work here was trying to change that and worked with CNC behind the scenes so we could do smaller packages (not sure why it was an issue for him) but we couldn't. And he's a very smart geeky guy.

So one update package should in theory have them all