Import journal excel

Hi there ,I used oracle before and could important journals from Excel please let me know if JDE enterprise one has the same function and the process to follow to upload journals AP and month end journals

Thank you


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You can create JE's and then import from a spreadsheet, or just copy/paste the values directly into the JE detail grid. Our users just use the copy/paste, often for 500+ line JE's without a problem.
Hi Don,

Thank you for your reply.Please let me know where I can find information regarding the process I need to follow to setup this up in JDE .I think there needs to be an import icon in the journal entry tab but how do I set this up.

Thank you

Please let me know if the import option in the Journal entry in JDE is automatically included as I cannot see such an option does it need to be added to JDE


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Hi there

you have to click Add button to see import button. ignore if I misunderstand what you asking.