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Implementation Plan


I am working on a coexistence installation. This is with a rather large company with two major divisions. Business Data is not shared between the two divisions, nor are Control Tables, but the Versions List is shared. I already have a 2 CRP and 2 PROD environments for World (one for each division). In OneWorld I want to share the path code yet have 2 separate environments for PY as well as for PROD. Is there a tried and proven method for doing this? There must be other large companies using this kind of setup, how did they get up and running?


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It is very simple to setup the environments you’ve de[censored]d:

1. If you haven’t installed OneWorld yet perform a standard OneWorld install of all environments.

a. During the install you can define the OneWorld Datasources for Division A by choose the AS400 libraries that correspond to Division A’s Business Data, Control Tables and AS400 Common data.

2. After the install create the Environments for Division B:
A. On the Deployment server in the planner env:
- Create New Business Data Database, Control Tables and AS400 Common Database Data source that point to Division B’s libraries.
- Create New OneWorld Local Database Data source(Optional)
- Create New Environment In OneWorld (Copy PROD AND CRP)
- Update JDEPLAN.MDB In MS Access:
- update Data Sources for your new environment in the OCM table with your newly created Data sources
- Update F98511 table with new environment
- Add a DEFAULT record for your new environments to the F98403
- Create A Custom Plan (Make sure to select your new environments when selecting environments)
- Run Installation Workbench for your new custom plan
- Setup printers for new env.

NOTE: There are other ways to create the separate environments but if you don’t do it through planner the deployment server will not be aware of the new environments and therefor you won’t be able to apply updates to them.

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Our problem was simply with the C compiler. The variables were not there as
you suggested, so I added them. Everything is fine, not free, so I will
try and get you some business. Funny thing is that I remember putting the
variables in months ago. So how did they disappear?

Well, it dawned on me on the drive home last night that the box I had
installed was moved to the lab! The person who installed the new server,
who shall remain nameless (Barry), does not understand the compiler and the
settings. Basically, I fell back into the old thinking that when a
report/person tells you everything is fine you believe it. Oneworld has
taught me to think differently. Shame on me for lapsing!

As for the Plan you have described, I am a bit curious. We have an AS/400,
but it is being replaced and OW will not run there. What are you saying
about Division A and Divison B? I follow the rest of it.

We are planning to bring on the parent company (Wiginton) about May of next
year. We may need your help then.

Rich Miller


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Hi Todd,

I am not in production but I am doing this for several pathcodes. I have
one Test pathcode and I have two Test environments and two training
environments over the Test pathcode. I also have several environments set
up over the PY pathcode where we are doing system setup--that way the
programmers and conversions have their own data libraries and can still use
the most current code & versions. I have several set up for Development
also so that they can have separate data for testing. All of these
environments have their own business data and control table libraries. I
have separate libraries on the AS400 for them and separate OCM mappings. I
also have a few of them set up as "W" environments with separate mappings so
that Testing and Training will use them since that's what the users will be
using when we go into production.

It works great!! Using the same pathcode is great and really helps in the
CNC and administration since you don't have all of those extra pathcodes to
administer to, build packages for, etc... Sometimes I just restore the data
& control libraries for them and they are all set to go! When we are all
done and in production I'll be able to get rid of quite a few of them but
that is a ways out right now...

:) Good Luck!!

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