In My Honest Opinion IMHO. like DYOR = Do Your Own Research

saara kuusela <[email protected]> on 22/03/2001 12:06:30

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Subject: IMHO

Could someone please translate this 'IMHO' for me.



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Hi Saara,

I have used this abbreviation in the near future in one of my post.
You have to know, my native language is Hungaian and my English is not the best.
(... By the way, is your native language Finnish? If yes, you will surely know why do I ask it :)

In my dictionary:
IMHO = in my humble opinion

Andrew, I hope, it isn't a vulgarity or a very unpolite one.

I have seen in many posts posted by many of the most active posters (not only in asking but in really helping) often use this abbreviation.

I used it when I wanted to save time for to write the more relevant informations.

At last, I see often an other abbreviation: TIA
In my decoding it means: Thanks in advance
Am I right?

P.S.: Generally I hate abbreviations but sometimes (?) I use them, manly for OneWorld terms like APPL, UBE, BSVW etc. because supposly everybody understand them on the List/Forum and would be too many time to omit the abbreviation (but many times (approx. 50%) I use the non-abbreviated terms.

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Honestly, it is not my intention to start a war of words, BUT:
Shakespeare's competitors (and we know that Shakespeare, and Beethoven, too, were some well fed dogs that won some shiny Oscars for some movie ... parts, long time before they created some unknown literature and musical capi-di-operae) used self irony long time ago: "(I)n (M)y (H)UMBLE (O)pinion, Maestro, ... "
was one of those dramatized figure of speeches; there was no intention of humbleness at all, the audience fell for those rhetoric artifices and, their mouth being finally, closed, and their attention, gracefully alert, the speaker was getting a (better) chance to be listened.

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