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We are on E1 9.0 tools release Internet Explorer 8 is the highest supported released but we do have users who are on IE 9 and things seem to work fine for them. However now we have a user who is having issues. They can sign in to JDE E1, but when they choose an online app like Supplier Ledger Inquiry, it sticks on 'Opening Application' and never displays the screen. The highest version supported officially by tools is IE 8 but as I said IE 9 works fine for most of the users that have it.

What would be the likely culprit that would prevent a specific user from using IE 9 when others have no issue. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

This is a "shot in the dark", but how about the compatibility view. It would appear that something is different about the user's IE9 setup/configuration as opposed to others whose IE9 works.
It is also called stuck in processing.

Try to increase the max connection to the users registry through GPO or manually for both

5. On the Edit menu, point to New, click DWORD Value, and then add the following registry values:
Value name: iexplore.exe
Value data: 10
Base: Decimal

Windows 7
For Windows 7 you need to do following above entry in this location.

<HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE><SOFTWARE><Wow6432Node><Microsoft><Internet Explorer><MAIN><FeatureControl>
Add the DWORD 32 bit entry for iexplore.exe for both Max Servers.

I believe this will fix the problem.

Thanks all. The issue is resolved. Actually the problem was they were using Google Chrome. IE 9 actually seems to work fine after all.
Hi folks, I'm bumping this thread as I've been asked to research IE9 ...

Are there people using an older tools release ( for example) and working with IE9 without a problem?

thanks for any feedback,
Craig, we are on tools release and we use IE9 with out any issue.
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