How to update toolrelease from 9.1.0 to 9.1.5


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This is a source that contains self-explanatory links and references below.

You can refer below KM document for video presentation to understand the Server Managers role in Tools upgrade -

E1: SVM: JDEdwards EnterpriseOne Server Manager Reference Information Index - Video Presentations and FAQ Documents - 975683.1

First of all Check the "Certification" tab and make sure you are inline with MTRs.

1. download all the tools release Components from Update Center portal (
2. check below KM document for the required components( Tools, Planner ESU, Application enhancement ESU, ASI etc) for 9.1.5 Tools release.

Required Components for Installing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Update 5 on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications 9.0 and 9.1 (Doc ID 1943409.1
3. For Deployment Server you will have to follow the below documentation - describes all the steps. I listed below the basic steps to run the Deployment Server Tools Release update.

1. Backup existing system i.e. make a copy of below folders
/OneWorld Client Install
2. Download the <filename>.par file to a Microsoft Windows temp directory. Do not save the executable anywhere within the JD Edwards Deployment Server's installation directory structure. Then extract the content.
3. Use this program to launch the installer: \Disk 1\ToolsRelease\install\setup.exe
4. Select the Oracle Home path and name for the existing Deployment Server
5. When the installation of the new TR finishes, End of Installation screen is displayed.
6. Check the logs
You can upgrade tools release for Enterprise Server and JAS server using Server Manager -
Refer SM Guide -


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Everything that Al said and making sure that you take backup at every step. You can get the details steps required if you do a little search either here in this forum or the Oracle community.
It is not the Tools Upgrade that causes issues but the custom setups (you don't know) which causes the issue. Like that weird entry hidden in one of the ini's who nobody knew existed until you did the upgrade OR that sucker LOCK on the SYS folder/LIB even after you seem to have stopped everything you knew in JDE.

But hey at the end of it I am sure you would have lot of fun .... good luck!


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Also - you need to be aware that the installation of Tools Release and above is actually performed on the Server Manager Console for the Deployment Server these days. Its very different from what Al stated (that is for prior to tools releases). You'll need to update your server manager console first, together with all the agents AND install a server manager agent on the deployment server to be able to update from onwards. Also - Server Manager Console now requires either Weblogic or Websphere, and it doesn't come packaged with OC4J anymore. So its a major update if you didn't "optionally" use weblogic in the 9.1.x versions. Everyone was warned for several years ahead of the 9.2 tools release !!!

You'll need to backup everything, and you should look at using multifoundation to push out your tools release. Good luck. Get a consultant in who does this all the time to ensure you don't screw up your production environment !!!!


Hi everyone,

when iam updating server manager iam getting the error (e:jde_home\SCFMC\bin\scfagent_64.exe the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process)
plzz help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance