How to prevent invalid logons.


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ES: AS/400 V4R4 DS: NT SQL 7.0: TSE NT 4.0 Metaframe 1.8: B7332 SP 11.1

Does anyone know how to prevent the Client Access Express ODBC driver from
requesting a password from the user. We use a system user profile and
cache the password for Client Access Expresss. Once in a while a user will
get a request to log in. Since they don't know the password they normally
try until the user profile is disabled on our AS/400. At this point we are
down as our system user is disabled new connections can not be made.

I would like to know if anyone knows how to set Client Access Express that
if a password is not provided or is invalid to simply fail the connection
instead of prompting for the password.

Registry hacks are OK. The main thing I am trying to do is prevent a user
from inadvertantly disableing my system. I really don't want to allow
unlimited attemps to guess the password, even if audit would let me.

Tom Davidson