How to install an ESU with MERGE successfuly?


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Hi List/Forum,
B7332 SP11 & XE SP13
Does anybody know how is it possible to install an ESU with Merge option sucessfuly without any corruption of the original application.
That's OK that I will lose some custom modification, but by our experiences the original applications become corrupted when we install ESU.
We experienced it first at B7321-B7332 test upgrade and now on B7332 and XE at an ESU installation.

Has the sucessful Merge Install any prerequsites (e.g. SP level)?
Any information, CookBook (How to isntall sucessfuly ESU with Merge), etc. will be greatly appreciated.


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We have installed a couple of ESU's now in Xe (SP13.1). A quick test revealed that ER is preserved in some custom controls, such as new row or form exits or push buttons. However your custom ER in existing events (eg. Dialog is Initialised) will be wiped out when the ESU is applied.
Currently I think the best route is to only apply the ESU to a pristine pathcode (plus cumulative ESU's). Then using the merge tool the ER can be merged into your customised object. We are currently investigating what the best route is if the ESU contains changes to GC's or form control properties etc.. as these cannot be merged in successfully. The ESU will at least contain a list of related SARs and all shipped objects and so these can be tested and examined in the 'pristine plus' environment prior to merging. I think a paper copy of some SARs would be beneficial in some circumstances if they contain non-ER changes (DSTR or GC changes for example).

Good Luck!

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