How to create table.


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Hello there

I just want to know how to create new table lets say table called "mytable" using fat client? I can generate existing table but don't know where is the option for add new table in the designer.


You need to add the new Table in OMW first. Using the Add button in OWM then select Table as the object you want to add. You can then define the Table in Table Design Aid and generate it. I hope this helps.
Use the Add menu item from OMW.

PS All the mods start in OMW.
Hello Adeel,

You have to create in the OMW window,we have the add button and select the table and proceed with the design.....but you don't want to generate the existing table, if u done then all records in the table will disappear..take care of that....
Don't forget to "Generate" the table after you have defined its columns, name, etc. Without doing that, it will not exist out in the database.