How to communicate OneWorld via EDI


I would like to post the following question.

What is the best way to connect OneWorld with vendors
and suppliers via EDI?

My customers (FORD Lincoln and dealers) require all
suppliers to communicate via EDI.

Please let me know if you have done this.


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The traditional manner of performing EDI with JDE is to use an EDI translator
package such as Harbinger to manage the EDI communications and to map the EDI
transactions into JDE's interface files. After being mapped into the
interface files, JDE has batch processing programs to write the EDI
transactions into the JDE files. The outbound EDI transactions use the same
process in reverse.

The largest issue you will run into in doing EDI within the auto industry is
that JDE's EDI interface does not fully support the EDI standard. The auto
industry transactions typically use data elements that are not supported by
JDE's interface as well as having some custom requirements that are outside
of the ANSI X12 standard. You will likely need to have a side program to
supplement JDE's batch interface for EDI transactions.

Patrick Conlon
Senior JDE Consultant