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Dear team,

Do you know of any RDA (report design aid) users
switching to other report writers (like
Crystal-Reports) to get their daily data reports?

I am particularly interested in Financials users.

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Jorge M. Glez
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Hi Jorge,

if you search the forums for key words such as "Crystal", "RDC", and "ODA" you'll find this subject has come up before several times.

To specifically answer your question, yes, our accountants / financial analysts use Crystal to design and run their own financial reports. We have one analyst who replaced an RDA Balance Sheet report that ran for 45 minutes and sucked up tremendous CPU and disk resources with a far more attractive and better organized Crystal report (with drill-down) that runs in 30 - 45 seconds. They (Finance) and we (I.T.) are both very happy not to be using RDA for reports.

Significant I.T. work occurred behind the scenes to secure the data and make it visible however.


Larry Jones
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