how to change a dd decimal?


ONE OF MY CUSTOMER ASK CHANGE A DD DECIMAL FROM 2 TO 4( CTS1) . I WAS VERY PUZZLE. Can I do it? How about table f4801 which use this dd?
How can i do it?
you can change the decimal properties of this
table from universal table browser.go to foundation
systems-one world tools-cross application
tools-universal table browser and click open menu.then
you should enter the table no:f4801.

then this browser shows thr properties of
the columns of that table and from here you can change
the no of decimals from 2 to 4.

if you need more help. pl mail to me.
j.d.edwards manufacturing consultant
--- yangdayong53 <[email protected]> wrote:

Consider the implications of doing this. Use cross reference facility to
take a look at every form, interactive application, batch application, ....
that use this data item. But given an option I won't do it.
The decimals can changed in the Data Dictionary but whatever you do make sure you do not change the file decimals. You should only change the Display Decimal. Also, we were told by JDE that any data item with a class of QTYINV must have the decimal set to be the same for all data items.

Also, you should not make decimal changes once you have data in the system, because and existing data can be corrupted by the change.
Anyone interested in this should perhaps also check out the same post in the OneWrold Developers forum for more suggestions.