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How to add French Language to Createform

Cathy Wilbur

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How do I add French Language to Createform?

Currently everything we have been using just uses English Language.

Now that we have government documents with English and French Language on it I need to create government documents with multiple languages on it.

How do I install multiple languages on my Createform Server so that I can design documents with multiple languages (English & French)?

Do I have to install the French font in Word, in PDF and then in Createform?

I designed my forms with multiple languages and pulled the information in from Word.

When I look at the form in createform designer the French language is fine. Not sure if my Designer allows any French but when I go into Createform Designer to look at languages all I have is English.

As soon as it merges with the form to a PDF document then the French language is all messed up.

When I merge the data with the form the PDF document French Language portion gets messed up.

If you had to use multiple languages on a form how did you pull in the second language into Createform so it prints properly on the form.

Please advise
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Cathy Wilbur

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Bottomline recommended that I install patch 7.01.400 because the version I am on 7.01.300.5427 does not support Latin (French) characters. The latest patch does support Latin (French) characters.