How do you supress a set footer section

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We have a check where we print the following sections
Set Header
Detail Header
Detail Footer
Set Footer (prints the AP cheque here)

If there are more DetailLine sections than can fit on a page then I want the DetailLine to continue on the next page.

But if the DetailLines are not completed then I do not want the Set Footer to print.

I have DetailLines that span two or more pages but the cheque prints on the bottom of every page.
If my detail line spans multiple pages how do I just get the Set Footer to print just on the final page.

The paper I am printing on is perforated so I cannot print the detail section where the check is supposed to print.

The current cheque for JDE prints so many detail lines then if there is overflow then the overflow goes on the cheque attachment report.

We are going from JDE to a Peoplesoft product and it does not look like they are doing any check attachment logic so I am now going to have to program for the continuation going to the next page and then only having the Set Footer print if the detail is done printing.

Attached PDF shows what is happening. The Set Footer is where my cheque is - only want cheque to appear in the last SET FOOTER section for the current cheque.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Use a Set Continuation Footer that is not the same as Set Footer. Then you can make the Continuation Footer look different than the final Set Footer.