Headerless Detail form - Grid selection clears while editing rows



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I am trying to do a different operation(other than the standard) using a Headerless Detail form.

I select some rows, and press a push button. Then the selected records will be assigned to a custom group. And also some values of the grid can be edited.

So I selected Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, Row 4 and I noticed I want to put some remark on Row 2. Then if I jump to the Remarks column of Row 2, the selection clears. All the selected rows goes to unselected.
This is the default functionality, but I need to accomplish my functionality.

Any comments ?
Is the code clicking Find anywhere along it's path in an event somewhere?

I can't think of anything that clears selection other than a grid load refresh made by clicking Find....although I haven't fully woken up yet

What you describe is standard functionality - multiple selected rows are unselected if a row is edited, resulting in the row being edited as the only row selected.

You could just leave it as standard, requiring the user to re-select the rows manually (and then click the button), which is what happens a lot in standard application use anyway. The users may learn(?) to check the row contents first, before selecting the rows to be processed further.

The only way I can think of to maintain the selection would be to use ER to record the selected rows (maybe via a hidden column) on entering a row and then on exiting use ER to select the rows again. This sounds relatively simple in concept, but I think it would be a little trick to create in ER. It may require a bit of trial and error. You may also have to use ER to prevent the re-selection when it is not wanted.