Handling Inbound Containerized Freight


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We are a new 1World installation and we are trying to get a handle on our
receiving procedures. We receive shipments from a foreign supplier that
contain 1 to many containers. Each container will have items from 1 to many
PO's. We receive by container and cost each shipment. Our supplier sends
us shipment advice detailing each shipment and container in a proprietary
electronic format.

All the documentation we've see thus far and the expertise we've talked to
deal with receiving a PO (not our situation) or receiving by item, another
strategy that does not work for us. I've heard rumor of a white paper that
deals with this type of scenario but no one seems to be able to produce it.
(The "Beer Keg" paper does not deal with this scenario.)

We are trying to model this in Adv Transportation where we hope to use
Freight Allocations to deal with our costing issues. I've not seen any real
reference to handling inbound containerized freight. Has anyone dealt with
this scenario. If so, is there some reference material that can help us get
this configured in our system????