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Half Year Convention


Hi List,

I'm being requested to provide a depreciation rule that works as shown below.

Year 1166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67
Year 2277.78277.78277.78277.78277.77277.77277.77277.77277.77277.77277.77277.77
Year 3277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78277.78
Year 4166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67166,67

I'm not expecting to use a standard one but to use the depreciation factors (by year).

I've tried:
1st year: .22730000
2nd and 3rd year: .54540000
4th year: .22730000

With 44 month of useful life.

It's not working. Any Idea on how I can get the desire result?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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