Half Year Convention Rule


Hi List,
I am having trouble understanding how OneWorld computes straight line depreciation.

I am looking for a Half Year convention Rule, it means: A new asset is placed in service in, let’s say March, and for the first year, it will only be depreciated the amount corresponding to a half-year (50%). This means that during the first year, the asset will be depreciated a 16% of its total value. The second year will be 33%; the third, 34% and the fourth, the remaining 16%.

In order to test this hypothesis , I have placed an asset for $10000 and the date started is 7/03/2012. Therefore, I’ve setup for the AA ledger (in the depreciation information screen) for this asset:

Depreciation Method: 01 (Straight Line Depreciation)
Life Months: 48
Depreciation Information (or term apportionment):blank (first day of month)
Computation Method (Direction): I ( Inception to Date)

The formula codes set for the above combination is the following:
Life From Life thru Annual Multiplier
1 1 .16666666
2 2 .33333333
3 3 .33333334
4 4 .16666664

We have booked depreciation for the last year ( 4 year) now with amounts:

From March to December of 2015: 138,89 ( every month) instead of 166.67 from March to October of 2015.

Can anyone please assist me with it?

Thanks in advance for the help.
You posted this in a WORLD forum.
You should repost in the Enterprise 1 application forum.