Generating Pick Tickets for Item on Lot Hold


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We are placing items on lot hold to prevent them from being selected for picking / shipment. Here is our current process:
1) Enter sales order for manufactured part (line type = W)
2) Work order is processed and completed.
3) Item location / lot is place on lot hold (LOTS).
3) Work order has placed the item inventory into the location / lot on lot hold (LOTS).
I can see this hold in all the usual places (P41202, P4108, etc.). Availability is greyed out.
4) Run pick ticket print (R42520) for this order and item and lot / serial #.
5) Pick ticket is generated and looks normal. Order status codes are also updated.

We are using E1 9.2.0

There has been a processing option added to R42520 on the 'EDITS' tab. Processing option is "
Enter Allowed Lot Status Group to validate". This is to place the name of a Lot Group that allows processing of lots on hold (lot hold code is defined in the lot group (P41081) by document type).

My confusion is, why would this processing option be needed if the program already processes lots on hold?

With W line type, when you report wo completion using P31114, they automatically gets hard committed to the associated sales order irresoevtive of lot status codes.

You can have allowed lit status group to include different lot statuses for normal processing,